Sharing The Good News: Keeping it Simple! PT 8

encounter with God 8Sharing The Good News:  Keeping it Simple!  PT 8

Sharing the LIFE and LOVE of Christ should be simple. It is funny how ‘the church’ has complicated what it means to talk about Jesus, turning it into a ‘sales pitch’ vs sharing about a ‘person’ who has forever impacted them. Today you will hear a short and simple message of Grace and Love shared to a crowd of 300+ folks during a baptism service. Let’s keep it simple, let Love be the signature of everything we, say, do, and communicate. Enjoy!  **The translation is in FARSI**


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Let’s share the GOOD NEWS that is for everyone to everyone!  God loves EVERYBODY!  No one is excluded!  That is good news!! Imagine what will happen if you believe it?  For more info, visit:


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