Day 40: The Silence Of God

loneliness_4c45c6d1ac27a_hiresWhy is God so good…to everyone else?  Why does He seem to ignore my pain, my journey.  Why does everyone else seem to ‘hear from God’, when I cry out from my pain and don’t even get a whisper?  Why do those who think they hear from God rub it into my face, don’t they know that it sends me into a deeper spiral of despair?  Don’t they know that my heart has screamed for ‘my God my God’ and his silence has caused me to be deaf to His voice?  (that is, if He still speaks).

Today is a day to be sensitive to those crying in the darkness.  Today is a day to remember those who suffer in silence.  Today is the day to remember that ‘joy boys’ are the painful salt to any emotional wound.  Continue reading