Day 36: The Light of Christ Is In All Things

4357032-centralgalacticcoreclosur8-1 (1)His ‘Light’ shines in and through all darkness…regardless whether one believes it or not, either way, ….it is STILL there!

In order for us to have a proper concept of who God is, we must have some foundational truths in place.  I always begin with God’s DNA, His essence: God is Life, is Love, and is Light.  The second step we need to take in the quest to know the Father, is to look to the son, Jesus.  Since the Son holds all things together, as previously discussed, we now look at another way he has a connection with His entire creation.  Today I want to zoom in on how God is light and literally shines through anything and everything, especially darkness.  Continue reading

Day 35: Who Is God? Look At Jesus.

263478_240160236001768_6473399_nI have discovered three major truths about God that have shaped my lens of him and how I view His creation.  God is life.  God is light. God is love.  In order to know who God is, we do not begin with any Old Testament verses that splash a vast array of depictions of ‘who’ God is, instead we begin with His son Jesus Christ.  If we start anywhere else, we will not have a proper picture of who ‘the Father’ is.

After all, Jesus himself claimed ‘HE’ was the only one who knew the father, meaning, no one else did!  Let’s take a look at some significant verses from the Bible that a groundwork for a better and more biblical understanding of ‘who God is.”  You could be in for a shock! Continue reading

Day 34: God Is Not Distant From Anyone (Pt 2)

seekingyouGod is not distant from anyone.  This is a simple fact.  Hopefully you have read and meditated on the Bible verses in yesterday’s post.  If you have not, go back and read it through.  Today we will look at a few more verses that will bring comfort and hope to those believing the lie that is ‘God is far from us’.

I have grown up with the belief that if I am good, God will be near me, and when I sin, God will be far away from me.  It comes from a false understanding of Habakkuk 1:13 that God is too holy to be near sin, (Your eyes are too pure to approve evil, And You cannot look on wickedness with favor.)   The idea that God cannot stand ‘sin’ and is repelled by it, has fed a lie that I am separated from God.  This has completely messed up my trust in God especially in the area of coming to him in times of trouble.

While believing this lie, I lived out a religious expression of what that lie looked like.  It is called PBA – ‘Performance Based Acceptance’.  If I was going to ‘be close to God, it was up to me.  Likewise, if I screwed up, it was all on me and there was no hope at all that he would hear me when I call, until I ‘get cleaned up first’.  Guilt and Shame just kept building up.

As I came to discover my identity in Christ, it led me down a path Continue reading

Day 33: Separation From God Is An Illusion


Nothing & No one is separated from God.  This is a simple fact.  There is however the illusion that one can feel separated, but that illusion is only in the mind.  It has taken me a long time to see this, and when I did see it, it took me a long time to admit it out loud.  I was forced to go look at what the Scriptures say, Scriptures I had not really zoomed in on and/or pondered their profound meaning.  Upon doing so I realized that my historical lens greatly impacts my perspective on God and on Christ our creator.   My theology had been shaped by my Bible College & Seminary teachers, Pastors and individuals who have spoken into my life.

So today, on the topic of ‘separation anxiety’, which I think evangelicalism and the entire Western church is obsessed with, Continue reading

Day 32: The Trinity Submits To Us

51ED4soPAXL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Last June, I was in Atlanta, Georgia for the release of Dr. Steve McVey’s newest book “Beyond An Angry God”.  Along with Steve, special guests C. Baxter Kruger and Wm. P. Young (author of The Shack) shared in 13 sessions that unpacked the lie that God is not angry with us.  If you have not read the book, it is a ‘must read’ especially if you are hungry for a much better and deeper understanding of God’s love towards you and everyone else (visit or ).  It will resonate with the truth already ‘in you’ that your heavenly Papa is absolutely loving and accepting and there is nothing left to do in order to be made right with Him.

It was through Christ on the Cross that the world was reconciled to God.  It was God the Father who was IN CHRIST reconciling the world to himself.  This was a done deal, meaning, it is now finished.  There is nothing left to do.  What will your response be to the good news?  Will you believe it, or reject it?  Your response will determine what you will experience.

During the “Beyond An Angry God” conference, I discovered a profound personal truth that is changing my mind about how I see Papa God, and how I see my world around me, especially my family.

The Trinity Submits To Us:  that is a strange statement.   Continue reading

Day 31: Hearing From God

0606_hearingaid_630x420HEARING FROM GOD, by my friend Reg Chute

How do we hear from God, or more specifically, how do we “hear” God? There are many accounts in the bible that start off by saying  “Then God told Moses” or “Then God said to Abraham” or “Then God told Joshua.” What did it sound like when God was talking to these patriarchs of the bible? Was there a big, booming voice that said “THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER GODS BEFORE ME?” Well, that’s the Hollywood version, but, like anything else, we can’t really trust the accuracy of Hollywood.

There are times in God’s Word that it seems pretty clear that God was speaking with an audible voice, I’m thinking particularly of Moses at the burning bush, but apart from accounts such as the Garden of Eden where God was actually walking with Adam and Eve, those times are few and far between. In fact, you can probably count on one hand the times in God’s Word that God most certainly spoke with an audible voice. There are many instances that we can make that assumption but to say with certainty that He often spoke with an audible voice is a stretch at best. Continue reading

Day 30: Did Jesus Come To Change God’s Mind About Us or Our Minds about God??

DSC_0086After walking around an insanely busy TIMES SQUARE in down town New York City, I saw the crowds differently than I would have 10 or 15 years ago.  I used to look at crowds as people who were rebellious against God and needed saving ……so that God would love them.  Now I see the crowds as ‘loved and accepted’ and that everything that needed to be done to make them right with God…..has been done.  My eyes see through  the lens of compassion instead of judgement. I see loved children who are blind and have a false understanding about who God is.

What is scary to me is that ‘the church’ needs to see people the same way, but it has to begin with understanding ‘why Jesus came’, and understanding how God sees us.  Enjoy this short blog from Dr. Steve McVey and will really encourage your heart.

Did Jesus Come To Change God’s Mind About Us or Our Minds about God?? Continue reading

Day 29: A Love Letter From Your Father

m1Spending three days with my daughter in New York City has been an amazing time.  (making my daily blog updates a challenge the past few days.   Enjoy Day 28 as I’m reminded of ‘my heavenly Father’s love for me’.  (*inspiring me to love on my own children in like manner)


Taken from Isaiah – compiled and written by Dr. Steve McVey

My dear child, I always long to be gracious to you, waiting to show you my compassion. (30:18) You are My servant and I have chosen you, not rejected you. Never be afraid because I am always with you. Don’t be anxious about things going on around you, because I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous hand. (41:9-10) Continue reading

Day 28: Being Out of Fellowship With God – Not Possible

10855090_10152605385320443_1144433549170012210_oToday’s topic is dear to my heart.  Growing up I was often led to believe that I had all the power to make God move closer or farther from me.  Enjoy today’s blog by Dr. Steve McVey, my friend and mentor.

 Being Out of Fellowship With God – Not Possible

It is impossible for a Christian to ever be out of fellowship with God. Do you believe that? I begin this article with such a bold statement because I want to shake you into serious thought. As we grow in our grace walk we sometimes find ourselves having to rethink some of the things we’ve heard all our lives. This whole concept of being “out of fellowship” is one of those things we’ve all heard, but it just isn’t true. It isn’t true for one simple reason: the fellowship you have with God isn’t up to you. Your Father has embraced you with an eternal grip that makes it impossible for you to wiggle out of His love and acceptance. Continue reading

Day 27: Remind Me Who I Am (PT 2)

beloved03Yesterday’s & today’s blog where inspired by a song called “Remind Me Who I Am” by Jason Gray.  Make sure you watch this video clip first and then enjoy the AMAZING list of reminders from Scriptures telling you who you are in God’s eyes!!

Today’s list of Scriptures deal with ‘WHO I AM, and What Has Happened to me.”  Meditate each one and let the truth sink in, it will be one your most encouraging days yet!!  (*if you haven’t read Day 26 yet, you must!!!  over ONE HUNDRED amazing truths from the Scriptures that reveal who you are IN CHRIST!!)

Video Of The Day:

Remind Me Who I Am – Jason Gray:

Scripture Verses about Our Identity in Christ Continue reading