Day 24: How To Pray

desparate-prayerToday my heart is heavy with the requests from friends to PRAY! Some requests come from sudden crisis, and some from long painful journeys taking yet another toll.  Today, I will be praying for every single thing the Holy Spirit put on my heart, whether He does it through people emailing me, text messages, through my thoughts, or a news story.  Some people have said that you must pray, that it is your ‘responsibility’, your duty.  What I have come to learn now is that my only responsibility to pray today is my ‘ability to respond’.  And I choose to respond to any and all of His promptings in me.  For me, that is the beauty of prayer.

I grew up being told what prayer was and wasn’t, and I was still confused.  Over the years, I’ve found that there is mystery in prayer, as well as adventure.  In order to experience the adventure, one does need to debunk the false understanding of what prayer is and is not.  To begin that journey, here is a list of what prayer is not.

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