Day 35: Who Is God? Look At Jesus.

263478_240160236001768_6473399_nI have discovered three major truths about God that have shaped my lens of him and how I view His creation.  God is life.  God is light. God is love.  In order to know who God is, we do not begin with any Old Testament verses that splash a vast array of depictions of ‘who’ God is, instead we begin with His son Jesus Christ.  If we start anywhere else, we will not have a proper picture of who ‘the Father’ is.

After all, Jesus himself claimed ‘HE’ was the only one who knew the father, meaning, no one else did!  Let’s take a look at some significant verses from the Bible that a groundwork for a better and more biblical understanding of ‘who God is.”  You could be in for a shock! Continue reading