Day 20: What NOT to Wear!

51JqUm9+E7L._SX940_Today’s blog contribution comes from Colleen Watamaniuk, Colleen has been connected to Grace Walk Canada since it was launched over 8 years ago.

“What Not to Wear” was a TV series hosted by TLC for many years, featuring style experts “Stacy London” and “Clinton Kelly”. The premise of the show was to ambush “a style felon” and critique them on their style choices. Often the participants used clothing as a way to hide or bury who they thought they were. The hosts not only addressed the issue of clothing, but sought to get to a deeper place of why and help these women overcome some misconceptions they held about themselves. The transformation that often occurred in the participants was very touching, but I suspect often temporal.

I think many of us are like the unsuspecting participants in the What Not to Wear Show. We either dislike who we are, have been lied to about who we are and the value we have, or we simply do not know the truth of our identity.  Consequently, we go out and about, trying to cover up or bury ourselves in things that really do not look good on us.   Continue reading