Day 28: Being Out of Fellowship With God – Not Possible

10855090_10152605385320443_1144433549170012210_oToday’s topic is dear to my heart.  Growing up I was often led to believe that I had all the power to make God move closer or farther from me.  Enjoy today’s blog by Dr. Steve McVey, my friend and mentor.

 Being Out of Fellowship With God – Not Possible

It is impossible for a Christian to ever be out of fellowship with God. Do you believe that? I begin this article with such a bold statement because I want to shake you into serious thought. As we grow in our grace walk we sometimes find ourselves having to rethink some of the things we’ve heard all our lives. This whole concept of being “out of fellowship” is one of those things we’ve all heard, but it just isn’t true. It isn’t true for one simple reason: the fellowship you have with God isn’t up to you. Your Father has embraced you with an eternal grip that makes it impossible for you to wiggle out of His love and acceptance. Continue reading