Day 15: WHAT are you wearing??

osmondsGrowing up is hard, maturing is even harder.  Someone once told me that it is so much easier to learn from other people’s mistakes but learning from our own builds character and maturity.  The Bible is full of advice encouraging us to avoid and participate in certain behaviours.  In essence, the Scriptures seem to have been provided for our good in order to help us know who our heavenly Father is and to help us navigate this temporary earthly life.  This is where the stage of “Young Adult’ comes into play.

There are many words of wisdom given to us in order to help us overcome the evil one (1 John 2).  In the past, I have understood the directives in the Bible to be laws you must do in order to become acceptable or to remain in ‘good standing’.  Upon further investigation, I have found that ‘the commands’ are designed to help us navigate forwards in our maturing journey.  It is like someone who has been there before (the Apostle Paul) mentoring all the new believers in what clothes they should be wearing.  Some clothes look great on you, and others look terrible.  Paul is encouraging us to wear what we have been destined to wear, our robes of righteousness.  When we do, we fully reflect the nature of our new identity:  Our union with Christ.

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