Day 30: Did Jesus Come To Change God’s Mind About Us or Our Minds about God??

DSC_0086After walking around an insanely busy TIMES SQUARE in down town New York City, I saw the crowds differently than I would have 10 or 15 years ago.  I used to look at crowds as people who were rebellious against God and needed saving ……so that God would love them.  Now I see the crowds as ‘loved and accepted’ and that everything that needed to be done to make them right with God…..has been done.  My eyes see through  the lens of compassion instead of judgement. I see loved children who are blind and have a false understanding about who God is.

What is scary to me is that ‘the church’ needs to see people the same way, but it has to begin with understanding ‘why Jesus came’, and understanding how God sees us.  Enjoy this short blog from Dr. Steve McVey and will really encourage your heart.

Did Jesus Come To Change God’s Mind About Us or Our Minds about God?? Continue reading

Day 29: A Love Letter From Your Father

m1Spending three days with my daughter in New York City has been an amazing time.  (making my daily blog updates a challenge the past few days.   Enjoy Day 28 as I’m reminded of ‘my heavenly Father’s love for me’.  (*inspiring me to love on my own children in like manner)


Taken from Isaiah – compiled and written by Dr. Steve McVey

My dear child, I always long to be gracious to you, waiting to show you my compassion. (30:18) You are My servant and I have chosen you, not rejected you. Never be afraid because I am always with you. Don’t be anxious about things going on around you, because I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will uphold you with my righteous hand. (41:9-10) Continue reading