Day 18: Our Focus Determines What We Grow Into

LOGO JOURNEYI’m planning to do something I have never done before.  I’m taking my daughter to New York City for a fast paced, sightseeing adventure.  Daddy & daughter time is rare and I’m thrilled to be able spend some time with her.  Tickets are booked, and now there is much to do, plan the itinerary, figure out transportation, etc.  This advanced planning will save us a ton of headaches and potential travel glitches.  It will be fun trying to pick the key places we want to see, figure out how to get there easily.  Whatever we do end up doing, will be awesome, mostly because we are doing this together,  it will be a fun & meaningful time.

Imagine trying to plan out your journey of ‘maturing into Christ’, sorting out each potential step.  There will need to be some significant planning otherwise you could arrive at a place you didn’t plan on!!  Wait a minute now, the journey of maturing into Christ cannot be ‘self-planned,’ instead it is done by the Holy Spirit.  He is the one whispering directions and instructions deep into your heart & mind moment by moment.  As we learn to recognize his voice and learn to listen to him, the fruit of our ‘awesome obedience’ will cultivate more faith as we mature in life.

What does the map of maturing look like?  How do we move between ‘Child, Young Adult/Teen, and Mature Adult’?  From a Biblical foundation, here is the best picture/diagram of what each stage can look like.  The Holy Spirit will be your ‘GPS’ as you trek on this journey, listen for His voice.   I hope you find it helpful. Continue reading