Day 25: How Do You Self Medicate?

escapeWhat are you trying to escape from?  We are SO GOOD at self medicating our hurts and needs.  We know exactly how to ‘escape’ internal pain, sometimes even external pain.  In our need to be loved, valued and accepted, we are constantly searching for self worth and fulfilment.  The world offers so many distractions from ‘complete contentment’ and peace.  In fact, the substitutes work for short periods of time.  Stop and think for a moment, what are your ‘go to’ things you use to make yourself feel better:

  1. working overtime, perfectionism
  2. shopping, filling the void with eating out, coffee, chocolate…
  3. smoking, drinking, porn
  4. social media, YouTube, Instagram
  5. movie escape, ear buds glued in your ears
  6. out with friends partying, sleeping around
  7. an over abundance of religious activities on your calendar
  8. working out, overly concerned about health and fitness, addicted to ‘health and wellness’

ANYTHING to keep from facing the ’emotions, Continue reading