Day 8: Knowing Your Value Changes Your Behaviour

movado-circa-white-dial-leather-mens-watch-0606569-19Many years ago, I had the privilege of teaching a seminar at a large EQUIP conference in Southern Ontario.  This annual event was designed to equip teachers, youth leaders and parents with hints and tools as they serve in their local church. Each seminar leader was responsible for coming up with a topic that would capture the attention of conference participants and entice them to sign up.  When I presented my topic on ‘prayer,’ the conference organizers suggested I pick a different topic, something that people would ‘actually’ sign up for.  I did not change my topic.  They gave me this small little room that could hold 10-15 people, but on the conference day, they moved me to one of the largest rooms due to so many people signing up! Funny how that works!  ha ha.

One particular year, I was teaching away and I kept asking the participants what time it was, as the conference organizers were very clear we could not run overtime.  I forgot my watch at home that day.  At one of the break times, a gentleman came up to me and said, “I feel God is telling me to give you my watch.”  My response was one of surprise as he undid the watch from his own wrist and handed it to me.  I received the watch with much thanksgiving, and as I put it on I noticed that it was very light and ‘felt amazing’ on my wrist.  Needless to say, I did not have to ask the participants what time it was anymore.  I didn’t think much more of it, except about the fact on how nice and generous that individual was.

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