Day 17: What it looks like to GROW UP

growingupGrowth.  It all begins with a seed.  My wife has already begun the preparations for our vegetable garden, and yet the entire backyard is still covered in a foot of snow.  She has this little ‘greenhouse’ type thing and all that I can see in it is a ‘green-box’ tray full of dirt.  Clearly nothing was going on … or so I thought.  A few days later I began to see little green sprouts penetrating the surface of each little dirt square.  Yesterday, my daughter noticed that the fast growing plants were all leaning towards the sunlight coming through window, and that the plants closest to the window were larger than the ones further back.  Wisely, my daughter took the big tray, and rotated it so that the small sized plants would now be closer to the window, giving them a chance to catch up to their larger species.  It will take a few more months for these little ‘baby plants’ to be ready for the big transplant into the outdoor garden.

Spiritual growth. Begins with a seed.  That seed is ‘The Light’ that shines in and through darkness.  When we recognize Continue reading