Day 5: Seriously? GET RID OF THAT!!

backpack heavyA LONG time ago, I used to run a lot.  Sometimes it was because I was in a race, and other times, well, let’s just say I didn’t know how to keep my mouth shut.  On some of those ‘unfortunate’ occasions when I as being chased, I ran has hard and fast as I could.  Sometimes it was a group of bullies, other times it was one guy on a bike chasing me down, but I could run fast.  I remember one particular time running so hard, but the guy was gaining ground, so I threw off my heavy backpack filled with school books, gym clothes, lunch container items, etc.  I suddenly was able to run faster and made it to a house that had a ‘Block Parent’ sign in the window.  (block parent was a special ‘Community Safety Program’ put in place so people/children in trouble could go to a ‘safe’ house when in trouble).  That was a tough day, the bullies wrecked almost everything in my backpack, and I still had many  lessons to learn in life!

Hebrews 12:2-3 (The message)  It means we’d better get on with it. Strip down, start running—and never quit! No extra spiritual fat, no parasitic sins. Keep your eyes on Jesus, who both began and finished this race we’re in.

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Day 4: Please Sir, I want some more!

oliver-twist-007In the movie “Oliver”, there is the famous moment when the young Oliver does the unthinkable and walks up to the master in the house and asks for more soup! The next words out of the mouths of all the adults are “what?”, “what?”,”what?” (I find it interesting that there are ‘three’ responding authority figures in the scene.) Anyone watching the movie would have to have a heart of stone to side with the ‘adults’ questioning the young boys request. The scene compels the viewer to a heart of compassion for Oliver.  Even though it is a movie, you feel like jumping into the screen and quickly giving him another bowl of soup.

Sadly, this is exactly how many people view God and what they think He will do if they come to him and ask for something. There is a horrible rumour being spread about my heavenly Father. It is a rumour that completely distorts the truth about the heart He really does have for His creation. The rumour is that He is ‘mad’ and will ‘vent His wrath on us.” It is a rumour that He has a bee in His bonnet and you better have your ducks in a row before you approach him …..or else.

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Day 3: Are You Hungry or Thirsty?


Is something missing in life?  What is ‘that thing’ deep within us that makes us ‘feel’ like there is a void or like some dots are not connecting?  Why does it seem there is more to ‘this God’ we ‘say’ we believe in, and we can’t quite put our finger on it?  Sometimes the hunger becomes so intense that we hope no one around us can ‘hear our stomach growl’.  It is almost like something within us is restless and is yearning for an answer, a yearning for more.  More of What?

That ‘feeling’ we may have is just that, a ‘feeling’.  We may not be able to put into words that ‘deep is calling out to deep’ inside of us.  It may ‘feel like’ something is missing, but the reality is that everything we could ever possibly need is already deep within us.  His name is Jesus.  He is the LIGHT that shines in darkness, ‘even if’ the darkness does not perceive it, it is still there.  (ponder that for a moment).

A couple things can bring on this hunger, pain and “the lure”.  Pain brings it on when our circumstances overwhelm us (just like in Psalm 142), and we cry out for someone else to meet the need.  The ‘lure’, is just that, a lure from the one within us creating a hunger to want more.  It is HE that is creating this desire for more and allowing us to ‘experience’ discomfort or discontent!  Discontent is not always a bad thing.  It could be authored by your loving Saviour to draw you into him more and more.

Today, recognize the ‘deep’ within you.  Is Deep calling out to Deep in your soul?  What is your response?  Consider today, that He does work ‘all’ things together and the journey you are on, is just that, a journey.  He is walking it with you and ‘in you’.  Imagine recognizing moment by moment his presence in you, especially when the pain of life attacks and rips away all your self-sufficiency.

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DAY 2: Who Is Walking With You


So, how did “day one” go for everyone?  Mine went surprisingly well.  I can’t share everything here, but a couple things blew me away.  Within 5 minutes of uploading ‘day one’, I walked out to the shopping mall where my office is located, and bumped into my next door neighbour.  We chatted a moment and he asked what was new.  So, I told him about this blog, and then it hit me!  I stopped mid-sentence and looked him straight in the eye and said, “Dave, you know what!  I am thankful for YOU!  You are an amazing neighbour and I am thankful!”.  A few minutes later, my wife called and our vehicle would not start, so I called my local mechanic, whom I’ve gotten to know, and he said, “I’ll go over right now and get it started”,  no charge!  This made me ‘very’ thankful for living in a very small community and for having cultivated relationships ahead of time.  I’m bringing him a coffee today for sure.  There are a few more stories that I could share, but what blew me away more than anything is that suddenly began to have a ‘different awareness’ of things around me.  It wasn’t my ‘self effort’ making it happen, it was the indwelling Christ drawing my attention to these things.  I am thankful to my saviour for that!

It is amazing how generosity begets thankfulness and more generosity.  So today, let’s continue to ‘discover new things’ to be thankful for.  Ask God to show you more and deeper things.  Let me encourage you to look within yourself first.  Take a deep look and discover the place from which you draw your strength and life.  As you look you will discover that the place is actually a “person”….it is Christ in you.    Since Christ lives in you, what is your response to that precious gift of HIS LIFE?

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DAY 1: Rise And Shine!

972148_10151710051829391_945454958_nGood morning everyone.  Today is a brand new day!!  How about we rejoice, and actually be glad about it!  Today is the day to simply ‘be thankful.’  No better way to start this 40 day journey than being thankful and living in response to all that He has given us.

As you go through day one, respond with ‘thank you’ to all the things you are thankful for, or for the things God brings to your attention. Here is an example: Do you love coffee, in your mind say ‘thank you’ to Jesus as you sip away.  Open your eyes to all the things around you that you are thankful for.  At the end of the day, look back and add up all the new things you recognized today. You will be surprised.

Enjoy the bible verse below, and enjoy the Journey you experience today!

Mike Zenker

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Twas the night before…THE JOURNEY

url-1I’m assuming you have read the past three blogs, or at LEAST the previous one.  if not, go back and read it now before you continue.  If nothing else PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST. click HERE!!

Next step: It is important to know the purpose for doing this 40 day journey, so I’m providing you with a summary of notes describing how to participate on this journey.

There is no ‘sign up’ button, but rather you can follow on the blog, Twitter, or click ‘like’ on the Grace Walk Canada Facebook page and follow along there.  Whatever you choose, do visit the blog each day to get some ‘encouragement’….

Purpose of the 40 day Journey is:

  • Not to get closer to God
  • Not to manipulate anything from him through ‘special behavioural changes’
  • Not to diet, not to impress anyone, especially God,
  • Not to create a new ‘system’ of what I have to do to stay or be right with God
  • Not to get him to answer a special prayer because now I’ve ‘sacrificed’ something ‘for’ him

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THE INVITATION – to a “40 Day Faith-bit Grace Journey”

fitbitI’m inviting everyone to join me on a 40 day grace journey of “experiencing God” in a personal way.  It all begins Tuesday FEBRUARY  24, 2015.  The journey is not about ‘getting closer to God’ or ‘doing things for him’, or giving up things, etc….  Instead, this is a 40 day journey of becoming more and more aware of the presence of Christ ‘in us’ moment by moment.

Just like a ‘Fitbit’ that I own, I am constantly aware of its presence in my pocket or attached to my belt.  This tends to motivate me to take more steps in a day, climb more stairways, etc.  In the same way, I don’t think many people realize they have a ‘Faith-Bit’ built right into them!    That’s right, a ‘Faith-Bit’!  Jesus is our faith and when we recognize His presence ‘in us’, our awareness and attention will be drawn to him.

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Can’t Wait Until Tuesday Feb 24

can't waitTomorrow is a BIG day for me!  This blog thing and my reason for doing it are getting more and more exciting.

Some of you may not know that I’m a Pastor in Waterloo, Ontario (Hope Fellowship), and the National Director for Grace Walk Canada. (with Dr. Steve McVey). [website links to the right of this post]  These two roles have blessed me with the greatest growing opportunities that i could ever dream of.  The reason i mention this is because:

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a sermon/message on this very journey.  I will clearly explain the journey I’m inviting everyone on.  Stay tuned TOMORROW evening when I will post details for this ’40 Day Growing Grace Journey’, (I will post the Sunday morning message here as well, it should be exciting!!)

If you have a hunger to ‘experience God’ in a profound way, this 40 day adventure is for you…..stay tuned and invite others!!

that’s it for tonight…..gotta practice daily blogging!!  (so NOT my thing…hahaha)


Blogging isn’t my thing but…..

inkbodyHello everyone,

Welcome to my first ever blog!  I’m not one to write out my thoughts and experiences in a journal, let alone in a blog.  But I am doing this new blog thing for myself and for my personal journey of discovering what it means to ‘live loved’.  Many of you may not care about ‘religious’ things, but I believe more people would resonate with the idea of being ‘spiritual’ instead.  So, in a couple days I’m going to invite anyone and everyone on a ‘Special 40 day journey’ with me, but I will explain more in a couple days….stay tuned. (Tuesday February 24th… begins)

A Grace Journey of Living Loved: this idea was sparked by going through a personal discovery of who God ‘really’ is.  This journey began by reading a number of powerful books like, Grace Walk (by Steve McVey), The Shack (by W. P. Young), and many others. This journey has caused me to discover that God ‘IS’ Love, pure love!  This discovery has caused me to question so many things I have been taught about God.  What I am learning now is totally changing my life.(*it is funny to think that we have been given so many answers by pastors, teachers and books, and yet, we have never stopped to question the answers given to us)

I’m learning that God loves absolutely everybody, but more importantly, He loves ME!  As I am discovering that He truly loves me, I need to then learn to live as one loved by Him.  Learning to live loved will cause me to become a more loving person!  I don’t have it all figured out, and probably never will, but I HAVE learned some amazing things over the years that I want to share with everyone.  Which do you prefer, to simply learn about His love, or do you want to ‘experience’ it?  If this is a desire deep within, stay tuned, and share in this journey with me.

So, will you join me on a ‘journey of learning to live loved’?

….whew…blog 1…done!