THE INVITATION – to a “40 Day Faith-bit Grace Journey”

fitbitI’m inviting everyone to join me on a 40 day grace journey of “experiencing God” in a personal way.  It all begins Tuesday FEBRUARY  24, 2015.  The journey is not about ‘getting closer to God’ or ‘doing things for him’, or giving up things, etc….  Instead, this is a 40 day journey of becoming more and more aware of the presence of Christ ‘in us’ moment by moment.

Just like a ‘Fitbit’ that I own, I am constantly aware of its presence in my pocket or attached to my belt.  This tends to motivate me to take more steps in a day, climb more stairways, etc.  In the same way, I don’t think many people realize they have a ‘Faith-Bit’ built right into them!    That’s right, a ‘Faith-Bit’!  Jesus is our faith and when we recognize His presence ‘in us’, our awareness and attention will be drawn to him.

Imagine waking up each morning and ‘realizing His presence in you’ to start your day!  What if you discover HIM drawing your attention to himself and/or His creation throughout the day!!  That is what this 40 day journey is about.  I promise, you will join us for this adventure, you will NOT be disappointed.

If this interests you, I’m going to ask you to do TWO THINGS:

  1. Watch the youtube video The “40 day Faith-Bit Grace Journey” Invite. This will explain the purpose and steps involved in being a part of this journey.
  2. Please visit my NEW BLOG for daily updates and jump on board.

The Blog will explain the purpose of the journey and will provide daily updates of encouragement and affirmation of your Identity In Christ!!   I’ve never done this before, so let’s see what will come of it!!  More details will come daily at my blog.

Other ways to connect are:

Remember, THIS IS NOT A FOCUS ON OURSELVES, but on HIM.  GIVE UP LENT, and TAKE ON GRACE.  I Hope you jump on board, and I hope you will share this will all your friends over the next few days!!

Michael Zenker

4 thoughts on “THE INVITATION – to a “40 Day Faith-bit Grace Journey”

  1. I am joining Mike Zenker’s 40 day Grace Journey. He is a pastor from Grace Walk Canada. I love all things Grace Walk. I own most of Steve McVey’s books. I want to follow along on Mike’s blog and live a life reminding myself who I am in Christ and that I am loved. It will be a joy filled time. Come on along and enjoy the ride.

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  2. Gracewalk and Hope Fellowship is my church family though I live in the next province I belong there.
    This journey is a blessing I am coming along.


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