DAY 2: Who Is Walking With You


So, how did “day one” go for everyone?  Mine went surprisingly well.  I can’t share everything here, but a couple things blew me away.  Within 5 minutes of uploading ‘day one’, I walked out to the shopping mall where my office is located, and bumped into my next door neighbour.  We chatted a moment and he asked what was new.  So, I told him about this blog, and then it hit me!  I stopped mid-sentence and looked him straight in the eye and said, “Dave, you know what!  I am thankful for YOU!  You are an amazing neighbour and I am thankful!”.  A few minutes later, my wife called and our vehicle would not start, so I called my local mechanic, whom I’ve gotten to know, and he said, “I’ll go over right now and get it started”,  no charge!  This made me ‘very’ thankful for living in a very small community and for having cultivated relationships ahead of time.  I’m bringing him a coffee today for sure.  There are a few more stories that I could share, but what blew me away more than anything is that suddenly began to have a ‘different awareness’ of things around me.  It wasn’t my ‘self effort’ making it happen, it was the indwelling Christ drawing my attention to these things.  I am thankful to my saviour for that!

It is amazing how generosity begets thankfulness and more generosity.  So today, let’s continue to ‘discover new things’ to be thankful for.  Ask God to show you more and deeper things.  Let me encourage you to look within yourself first.  Take a deep look and discover the place from which you draw your strength and life.  As you look you will discover that the place is actually a “person”….it is Christ in you.    Since Christ lives in you, what is your response to that precious gift of HIS LIFE?

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