THE INVITATION – to a “40 Day Faith-bit Grace Journey”

fitbitI’m inviting everyone to join me on a 40 day grace journey of “experiencing God” in a personal way.  It all begins Tuesday FEBRUARY  24, 2015.  The journey is not about ‘getting closer to God’ or ‘doing things for him’, or giving up things, etc….  Instead, this is a 40 day journey of becoming more and more aware of the presence of Christ ‘in us’ moment by moment.

Just like a ‘Fitbit’ that I own, I am constantly aware of its presence in my pocket or attached to my belt.  This tends to motivate me to take more steps in a day, climb more stairways, etc.  In the same way, I don’t think many people realize they have a ‘Faith-Bit’ built right into them!    That’s right, a ‘Faith-Bit’!  Jesus is our faith and when we recognize His presence ‘in us’, our awareness and attention will be drawn to him.

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Can’t Wait Until Tuesday Feb 24

can't waitTomorrow is a BIG day for me!  This blog thing and my reason for doing it are getting more and more exciting.

Some of you may not know that I’m a Pastor in Waterloo, Ontario (Hope Fellowship), and the National Director for Grace Walk Canada. (with Dr. Steve McVey). [website links to the right of this post]  These two roles have blessed me with the greatest growing opportunities that i could ever dream of.  The reason i mention this is because:

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a sermon/message on this very journey.  I will clearly explain the journey I’m inviting everyone on.  Stay tuned TOMORROW evening when I will post details for this ’40 Day Growing Grace Journey’, (I will post the Sunday morning message here as well, it should be exciting!!)

If you have a hunger to ‘experience God’ in a profound way, this 40 day adventure is for you…..stay tuned and invite others!!

that’s it for tonight…..gotta practice daily blogging!!  (so NOT my thing…hahaha)