Can’t Wait Until Tuesday Feb 24

can't waitTomorrow is a BIG day for me!  This blog thing and my reason for doing it are getting more and more exciting.

Some of you may not know that I’m a Pastor in Waterloo, Ontario (Hope Fellowship), and the National Director for Grace Walk Canada. (with Dr. Steve McVey). [website links to the right of this post]  These two roles have blessed me with the greatest growing opportunities that i could ever dream of.  The reason i mention this is because:

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a sermon/message on this very journey.  I will clearly explain the journey I’m inviting everyone on.  Stay tuned TOMORROW evening when I will post details for this ’40 Day Growing Grace Journey’, (I will post the Sunday morning message here as well, it should be exciting!!)

If you have a hunger to ‘experience God’ in a profound way, this 40 day adventure is for you…..stay tuned and invite others!!

that’s it for tonight…..gotta practice daily blogging!!  (so NOT my thing…hahaha)


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