Day 3: Are You Hungry or Thirsty?


Is something missing in life?  What is ‘that thing’ deep within us that makes us ‘feel’ like there is a void or like some dots are not connecting?  Why does it seem there is more to ‘this God’ we ‘say’ we believe in, and we can’t quite put our finger on it?  Sometimes the hunger becomes so intense that we hope no one around us can ‘hear our stomach growl’.  It is almost like something within us is restless and is yearning for an answer, a yearning for more.  More of What?

That ‘feeling’ we may have is just that, a ‘feeling’.  We may not be able to put into words that ‘deep is calling out to deep’ inside of us.  It may ‘feel like’ something is missing, but the reality is that everything we could ever possibly need is already deep within us.  His name is Jesus.  He is the LIGHT that shines in darkness, ‘even if’ the darkness does not perceive it, it is still there.  (ponder that for a moment).

A couple things can bring on this hunger, pain and “the lure”.  Pain brings it on when our circumstances overwhelm us (just like in Psalm 142), and we cry out for someone else to meet the need.  The ‘lure’, is just that, a lure from the one within us creating a hunger to want more.  It is HE that is creating this desire for more and allowing us to ‘experience’ discomfort or discontent!  Discontent is not always a bad thing.  It could be authored by your loving Saviour to draw you into him more and more.

Today, recognize the ‘deep’ within you.  Is Deep calling out to Deep in your soul?  What is your response?  Consider today, that He does work ‘all’ things together and the journey you are on, is just that, a journey.  He is walking it with you and ‘in you’.  Imagine recognizing moment by moment his presence in you, especially when the pain of life attacks and rips away all your self-sufficiency.

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