Day 4: Please Sir, I want some more!

oliver-twist-007In the movie “Oliver”, there is the famous moment when the young Oliver does the unthinkable and walks up to the master in the house and asks for more soup! The next words out of the mouths of all the adults are “what?”, “what?”,”what?” (I find it interesting that there are ‘three’ responding authority figures in the scene.) Anyone watching the movie would have to have a heart of stone to side with the ‘adults’ questioning the young boys request. The scene compels the viewer to a heart of compassion for Oliver.  Even though it is a movie, you feel like jumping into the screen and quickly giving him another bowl of soup.

Sadly, this is exactly how many people view God and what they think He will do if they come to him and ask for something. There is a horrible rumour being spread about my heavenly Father. It is a rumour that completely distorts the truth about the heart He really does have for His creation. The rumour is that He is ‘mad’ and will ‘vent His wrath on us.” It is a rumour that He has a bee in His bonnet and you better have your ducks in a row before you approach him …..or else.

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