Blogging isn’t my thing but…..

inkbodyHello everyone,

Welcome to my first ever blog!  I’m not one to write out my thoughts and experiences in a journal, let alone in a blog.  But I am doing this new blog thing for myself and for my personal journey of discovering what it means to ‘live loved’.  Many of you may not care about ‘religious’ things, but I believe more people would resonate with the idea of being ‘spiritual’ instead.  So, in a couple days I’m going to invite anyone and everyone on a ‘Special 40 day journey’ with me, but I will explain more in a couple days….stay tuned. (Tuesday February 24th… begins)

A Grace Journey of Living Loved: this idea was sparked by going through a personal discovery of who God ‘really’ is.  This journey began by reading a number of powerful books like, Grace Walk (by Steve McVey), The Shack (by W. P. Young), and many others. This journey has caused me to discover that God ‘IS’ Love, pure love!  This discovery has caused me to question so many things I have been taught about God.  What I am learning now is totally changing my life.(*it is funny to think that we have been given so many answers by pastors, teachers and books, and yet, we have never stopped to question the answers given to us)

I’m learning that God loves absolutely everybody, but more importantly, He loves ME!  As I am discovering that He truly loves me, I need to then learn to live as one loved by Him.  Learning to live loved will cause me to become a more loving person!  I don’t have it all figured out, and probably never will, but I HAVE learned some amazing things over the years that I want to share with everyone.  Which do you prefer, to simply learn about His love, or do you want to ‘experience’ it?  If this is a desire deep within, stay tuned, and share in this journey with me.

So, will you join me on a ‘journey of learning to live loved’?

….whew…blog 1…done!

10 thoughts on “Blogging isn’t my thing but…..

  1. avid reader of all things concerning Loving One, Father Son & Spirit Mike & love your humor 🙂 and links with Perichoresis bro, looking forward to following your blog always a worry getting to observe the internal thinking of the male brain ha ha 😉

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