Attitude Check! (*what you believe affects your outlook)

free-christian-wallpaper-ephesians-3-20-21Enjoy today’s challenge regarding a grace filled good attitude!  If you want to live your dream, you must embrace a faith-filled, Christ-centered, positive attitude. Many believers live far beneath their potential because of the way they think.


some quotes from today:

  • Embrace your weakness, and say “GOD, If I’m going to live my dreams, if your best is going to be realized in my life, it will be because of your work IN ME, not because of what I do.  I’m weak.
  • God doesn’t bless you because of how well or not well you do, he blesses you because of Jesus Christ.
  • It’s not that they aren’t sincere about their commitment to Christ. They’re just not so sure about the sincerity of His commitment to them.
  • Your problem is NOT your circumstances, your problem is your lack of belief.
  • what we believe about God’s working in our lives has an immeasurable effect on how we move ahead and, what we will experience and enjoy in the coming days
  • Having a proper concept of God is going to equip you to believe that he wants to bless you. Or rather, that he has ALREADY blessed you, IN CHRIST JESUS and that you can appropriate those blessings.