Broken Worship & Living Stones – Colleen Watamaniuk

face-down-broken-hallelujah (1)Enjoy this short blog AND the Sunday Message Colleen Watamaniuk shared at Hope Fellowship last week.  I am certain you will be encouraged by both! 

Living Stones

One of my favourite places is the beach!  I love walking the shoreline, digging my toes in the sand and seeing what the water washes up.  I am always keeping an eye out for stones that have some unique pattern, colour, texture or shape to them. When our children were young we used to love doing this together and often our trunk would be loaded down with the treasures we had found during the day. A number of those stones can still be found on display in our home today.  They are stones I have kept because they remind me or speak to me of the ones I love.

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