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Good News from Mike

Grace Walk Canada is entering a ‘new season,’ a reboot if you will.  Stay tuned as we launch new resources, conferences, and speaking dates over the next two years.  It is time to take this message of Grace beyond the church walls and bring it to people who have never heard it before! This has been sparked by a number of conversations with the Grace Walk leaders, by asking the question ‘who are we trying to reach’?  One of the discussions involved the importance of including and stimulating the youth of our generation to hear, believe, and understand the message of Grace.  This means that we need provide them opportunities to practice and learn how to share the love of Christ.  Hence the birth of the “2016 Mexico Missions Trip”.  This trip took place during March break and I want to invite everyone to watch the video in the following link, which summarizes what happened, personal experiences, and what we learned from the trip.  (CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO)

As a result of our trip and speaking with village leaders, teachers and townspeople, we realized there are some very practical and inexpensive things we could do to ‘love this village with the love of Christ’.

  1. The village is bare and gray, hardly any colour.  We had 12 homes painted and began giving the gift of colour and joy to this little village.
  2. We found out that the public Jr. High School was functioning without even basic supplies such as:
    1. ‘Missing and broken glass’ in the school windows, causing dust and wind to blow through each classroom everyday, causing dust piles, blown around papers, a lot of dirt.
    2. Hardly any desks for students to sit at, and the few that were there, were broken bent and fragile.
    3. The teacher had hardly any tools or resources for teaching.
    4. No working fans in the classrooms to cool them down
    5. Bathroom facilities were in a dangerous state: they had to go to a water pit outside, let down a pail on a rope, bring the pail in, use it to pour in the toilets, and this was for every toilet.
    6. The water hole had a large enough opening that a smaller youth could ‘easily’ fall down, creating a constant danger.
    7. They lacked any sports equipment, soccer balls, basket balls, Frisbees, bouncy balls, skipping ropes,
  3. This village lacks hope and encouragement.  They struggle with such a low income level that they simply cannot afford a single improvement.
  4. They were very, very open to the message of Grace and Love we shared with them.

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Next Step: 2016 Mexico Missions Trip – Part Two (July)

I’m going back to this village ‘El Limon’ this July and would like to invite you to participate with a financial gift so we can help this village in a practical way.  I believe by doing this, they will see our love and be even more open to the message we bring.  We need to raise $3300-$3500 to fulfill the purpose of this trip.  When you see what these funds will do, your heart will be warmed, I hope you will partner with me on this second trip!!  Click here to donate now.

Purpose of the trip:

  • Discipleship training of leaders
  • Replace all the glass
  • Install rooftop water tank and pumps to have flushing toilets in the public school
  • Bring resources for training
  • Bring fans into the classrooms
  • Begin painting a few more homes
  • Extra chairs for a grace house church

This village has been put on my heart for a number of reasons.

  1. The need is great, and for very little expense as Canadians, we can speak deeply into this village with simple help.
  2. This village has already been exposed to the message of Grace and needs to have this message cultivated so it can grow and reproduce
  3. This is the town Gerardo Vasquez’s wife Gloria grew up in.  It was a missionary who came to the village that allowed her the opportunity to hear and believe in God.  Let’s continue the work that has already been started and be the missionaries who bring even more good news.

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