Did God turn His back on Jesus? (a hope-filled perspective)

forsakenDid God turn His back on Jesus? (a hope-filled perspective).  Throughout modern church history, many have believed that God literally turned his back on Jesus on the cross.  They believed God the Father “forsook” (abandoned, separated from) His Son.  It is time for a ‘Hope-Filled’ perspective and today’s message may shed some light on what really happened almost 2000 years ago.  There is definitely a better way to understand what Jesus said as He was dying.  Enjoy!!

You may have heard God loves you, but did you know He LIKES you too.  The message the ‘typical’ church sends to the world is that God is really ticked and his anger is building…well….that God doesn’t even EXIST!! And we wonder why people feel condemned by the message ‘the church’ seems to send.

Let’s share the GOOD NEWS for all people TO all people!  God loves EVERYBODY!  No one is excluded!  That is good news!! Now believe it!!  For more info, visit:

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