ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD: How Jesus Interacted (Part 4)

encounter with God 4It is not only important to understand how God sees you and feels about you, but also it is important to actually this what this looks like played out in actual relationships and connections.  Today we dive into how Jesus actually interacted with people and it may shock you the unbelievable compassion and Love Jesus modeled for us….it is possible to live a life fully reflecting the love of Christ in us!!

ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD: How Jesus Interacted (Part 4): What do they look like? What ‘should’ they look like? How does God view humanity? How did He react to key characters in the Bible, and how did they respond back to Him. How can we encounter a God we can trust? This message is about seeing the goodness in who God really is. Too many in our culture have a terrible picture of who they think God is and then they say they don’t believe in ‘that’ god. It is time to correct those poorly informed perspectives and show God for who He ‘really is’….LOVE. If we say we know God, then we need to look like Him, and God looks like …LOVE. Encountering God is supposed to be GOOD NEWS, not scary. Today, we focus on how God REALLY sees you…and if that is how He sees you…then YOU need to believe what He believes about you.


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