What Is Faith? PT 2 Going Deeper And Wider In Our Understanding.

What Is Faith2What Is Faith? PT 2 Going Deeper And Wider In Our Understanding.

Craig Snyder shared a few insights on faith that i will be speaking about this morning:

• The word faith, and the word believe, is the same word in the Greek. You can substitute the word faith and belief at will. Believe is the verb and faith or belief is the noun but they come from the same root word.

• Biblical faith, is His faith that is given to you by Christ, in other words the faith of Christ. As a result of having the faith of Christ we see things through His eyes, so biblical faith is seeing things with the eyes of Christ. It is a gift, it is something that has been given and is received. The ability to see things as they are. That is true Biblical faith


(special thanks to the following contributors to parts 1 & 2 of “WHAT IS FAITH”:
Steve McVey, Craig Snyder, Toshi MiyazakiBill ThrasherPaul GrayKevin Shiach Ryan Harbidge, C Baxter Kruger , WM Paul Young, Paul Anderson-Walsh , Don Keathley , Michael Millerr, Brad Jersak , Roy E RichmondFrancois Du ToitChris KratzerJavier A RamonPaul BrauenPeter HiettKen NorthBertus OosthuizenStuart JohnsonPerichoresis AustraliaGeoff Butt, Brian Zahnd, Kay FairchildReg ChuteChuck Crisco

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