Healing Life’s Hurts Pt 1 – ‘Expanding Your Understanding’ of what ‘Forgiveness’ is.

HLH pt1Healing Life’s Hurts Pt 1 – ‘Expanding Your Understanding’ of what ‘Forgiveness’ is.

Everyone has or knows someone that has ‘hurts’ deep in their life that needs healing.  What if many of those hurts could be healed by realizing a ‘better’ perspective on forgiveness?  Too many trite sayings and church teachings have placed a tremendous amount of guilt on individuals regarding this topic.  This series will dismantle the terrible myths and guilt trips that are floating around regarding the topic of forgiveness.  Be prepared to discover a ‘more beautiful’ understanding of what it means to forgive and that is has nothing to do with the ‘other person’.  We will also discover how to walk through the process of forgiveness and eventually find hope to be healed from our guilt and shame we may have been carrying.  TODAY’S message will focus on ‘expanding’ our understanding of what forgiveness is, taking in a variety of perspectives from different teachers and individuals.  ENJOY!!!

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