Healing Life’s Hurts Pt 5 – ‘What Forgiveness is NOT’

HLH pt5Healing Life’s Hurts Pt 5 – ‘What Forgiveness is NOT’  –  Unlearning is so difficult.  If we are truly going to understand how to forgive, we first need to unlearn ‘misunderstandings’ we have been taught. Once unlearned, we become free to begin the process of forgiving. The Greatest Hindrances to Forgiving others, is wading through the myths and incomplete understandings……only to find out, our ‘mythical definition’ never did mean true forgiveness.  (**PLEASE NOTE: this message and the next few focus on ‘old religious’ misunderstandings that many hold, as well as a focus on ‘serious’ hurts, not necessarily those offences that fit into the average day to day hurts.  Not all of them may relate to you or have been a part of your journey, but they ‘are’ part of ‘someone’s’ journey.  Remember that as each point is made, the commentary is about THE POINT being made, not about the true definition of forgiveness or how to forgive, which is coming soon.)  Enjoy!

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