Living Like Jesus Lived Pt 6:    “Modeling The Heart of a Leader”

LLJL pt6Living Like Jesus Lived Pt 6:    “Modeling The Heart of a Leader”

The Father weighs in and speaks something so profound that the disciples who heard it, didn’t get it until after the resurrection.  Nothing like a ‘proud Papa’.  Today the heart of Jesus is revealed again as He makes His way to Calvary, still loving those around Him while knowing full well what was about to happen.  Wait for it, we end today’s message with one of the GREATEST leadership lessons Jesus modeled, right before Headed to the cross.  Enjoy!

  1. The Glorious Transfiguration – Matthew 17
  2. The Triumphal Entry – Luke 19 & John 12
  3. Jesus Weeps for Jerusalem
  4. Clearing of the Temple….again Matthew 21
  5. Greatest Leadership Lesson John 13


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