Finding Hope When Fear Cripples You – How God Turns Our Excuses Into Success.

excuses to successFinding Hope When Fear Cripples You – How God Turns Our Excuses Into Success.  Have you ever felt that you are not good enough or qualified to fulfill the dreams you may have?  Is insecurity paralyzing you or does fear cripple any move forward?    What if God has placed dreams in you and the only thing blocking them is ‘a fear mindset’?  What if there is a way through that seemly impossible brick wall, would you want to know how?  Today we look a man who was presented with an awesome dream to help so many people become free from oppression.  This man not only had God speak to him, but he questioned every part of the plan, whined that he was not good enough.  He had a ‘yeah…but’ for every argument God presented to him.  Enjoy hearing how grace flows through our doubts and fears and results in dreams fulfilled!!

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