The Call Of Christmas – “What If Mary Represents “Us”?”

The Call Of Christmas – “What If Mary Represents “Us”?”

WHOA!  Mary!! What if Mary represents all of us??  She had Christ put into her without asking?  She was from Nazareth, a town of no good reputation.  She was young, innocent, and not indoctrinated by ‘higher Jewish education.  What if it is true that Christ has already been placed in all of us?  What if the ‘Light of Christ’ really does shine through ‘all things’?  What if you feel you are not good enough and have every excuse why God can’t use you?  What if you are not ‘schooled’ in all the latest or most ancient theological education?  Perhaps the Gospel is much simpler that what we have been told.  Enjoy this encouraging message and may you find Hope and Joy today!


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