Palm Sunday- What Did You Really Expect?

Palm Sunday 2020Palm Sunday- What Did You Really Expect?


We want this Covid-19 virus crisis to end. We didn’t expect this a few months ago. Our expectations are likely the cause of most of our personal frustration. Jesus was worn into a Roman oppressed society and had Roman guards watching everywhere. Not only were the Jews oppressed by the Romans, they had religious oppression as well. The Jews had an ‘expectation’ as well! They were ‘expecting’ a saviour….. one who would save them from the Romans. Palm Sunday is about ‘expectations’ in one sense, it is a reminder that we all have them, live by them and are easily disappointing by them. Perhaps today, we can pause and re-evaluate ‘OUR’ expectations, and consider releasing some of them and replacing them with HOPE. ENJOY!! watch on YOUTUBE:


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