Easter 2020 – A Better Story PT 2 – Who Is Christ, Really?

Easter 2020 A Better Story PT 2Easter 2020 – A Better Story PT 2 – Who Is Christ, Really? 

What if ‘some’ of the Easter weekend stories we have been told….are not the whole story?  What if there were parts left out intentionally, or unintentionally?  Would you want to hear other story-teller’s versions?  Year after year the same ‘version’ of the story has been spoon fed to churches everywhere, whether they are true or not, we have believed them as true and never questioned them.  Today, I would like to share a ‘better’ version of the story of Easter.

Today we will look at who is ‘Christ’, the one we ‘say’ we believe in.  Do we even know how big and how profound He is?  Get ready, this one is going to be GOOD!!  Enjoy.

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