Embracing Healthy Thinking – Pt. 3 – Misconceptions on Mental Health

Embracing Healthy Thinking pt 3Embracing Healthy Thinking – Pt. 3 – Misconceptions on Mental Health

Embracing Healthy Thinking is about coming to a realization that what you think about…. Matters.  Many are not aware that they have the power to guard their thoughts and control what they are focusing on.  This series will encourage you to:

  1. Recognize who your true source is
  2. When You Feel Worn Down – How to respond
  3. Myths & Misconceptions surrounding Mental Health-Illness
  4. Six Patterns Of Thinking That Hinder A Healthy Mind
  5. Three Powerful actions that will Empower & Enhance Healthy Thinking Patterns
  6. Some simple steps to help you ‘think better, live better’

Today we focus on #3 and dismantle some myths and misunderstandings surrounding Mental Health-Illness.  It isn’t as cut and dry as many would like to think.  I hope todays message will prepare you for the rest of the series.  What you think about really does matter!  “Thinking Better, Living Better” … Enjoy!

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