Navigating Forward – “Your True Identity” Pt.12 FINAL

Key things to consider as you ‘navigate forward’ especially when you have decisions to make.  These foundations will have a very positive impact.  Enjoy

Foundations So Far:

  1. Attitude Of Gratitude
    1. Learning From Those Who Have Gone Before Us
    1. Have Eyes To See (Check Your Prescription & Blind Spots)
    1. Resolving In Advance: You Will Have Trouble & Challenges
    1. Don’t forget who you are (Identity)

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SGIG e072 “Growing Pains” with Bill Thrasher & Richard Murray – Pt 2

If a newborn doesn’t grow, or a toddler stops developing…there is something really wrong.  ‘Spiritual Growth’ is no different.  With growth come pain, stretching, correction, discipline, etc.  What does it look like to mature spiritually?  Enjoy the next two episodes as this topic is discussed with Bill and Richard.

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