SGIG e080 “What Is Hell”? – Part 1

What is hell?  Shouldn’t it be obvious?  Don’t our movies and angry preachers make it clear?  The quick answer is NOT A CHANCE.  Is ‘hell’ real?  I would have to say YES.  But ‘WHAT’ is hell?  This is not talked about enough nor taught on.  Just trusting your ‘pastor’ on what they believe is the worst thing you can do.  If you think hell is what you ‘think’ it is, and then are surprised by other opinions or perspectives, then you have much more to learn.  This mini series on ‘What Is Hell’ is designed to open up the discussion and lead you into a deeper and wider understanding on the topic.  This is not about ‘giving you an answer’, but rather to help you realize that hell may not be what you ‘think’ it is and therefore perhaps to tease you to dig more into not only what ‘hell’ is, but dig deeper into ‘who’ God ‘really’ is.  I hope this is and encouraging topic.

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