Growing Deeper: A Discussion with Andre & Mary-Anne Rabe Pt 1

Enjoy Part 1 of a 2 part conversation on what it means to ‘Grow Deeper’ in our understanding of who God is.  Andre & Mary-Anne Rabe are from South Africa and have visited the Southern Ontario area before.  They have been teaching grace for years and have a unique way speaking to a ‘deeper hunger’ within each of us.  Enjoy this discussion.

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SGIG e092 “What About Heaven”? – A Discussion Pt 4

Heaven!  What is it, where is it, what haven’t we been told about it?  This new mini-series will unpack what the modern church has taught on the subject but it will also discuss what the ‘early church’ thought about the topic.  Enjoy as Richard Murray, Bill Thrasher, and myself dig into a more ‘hope-filled’ perspective!

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