Who is Jesus beyond the ‘Sundays School stories & miracles?  Who is Jesus beyond our ‘religious differences and opinions’?  Who is Jesus beyond all that we ‘think’ we know and ‘think’ we believe?  Is it possible there is an even greater ‘foundation’ and ‘essence’ that we may have glossed over because it ‘sounded’ too deep?  Let’s dig into some of obvious and ‘not so obvious’ portions of Scripture and see if ‘our mental boxes’ of understanding can be expanded just a bit more.  Enjoy!

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SGIG e099 “Ananias & Sapphira” Pt 2

– Perspectives with Richard Murray & Bill Thrasher

The story of Ananias & Sapphira has left many believers confused about God being a ‘loving God’.  Did God kill them?  Is this God’s way of showing folks he still can get angry at us for our sin?  Enjoy this two part discussion as we explore different ways to interpret the story found in Acts chapter 5. 

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