‘Intentional Thankfulness’ – The Way Of Peace

Most people live reacting to their surroundings and circumstances.  When someone cuts them off on a roadway, they react, and sometimes in a very stressful way.  This ‘stress’ builds and builds in us and will eventually come out in unhealthy ways.  What if instead of reacting, we begin to become ‘intentional’ in our responses?  What if we begin to practice being ‘Intentionally Thankful’ when we wake up.  Being Intentionally Thankful throughout the day?  It can and will have a huge positive effect on our minds, reactions and even our health.  Enjoy this message as we dig into ‘how’ to consider this ‘intentionality’.

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E128 “Giving: A Fresh Perspective” Pt 2  – With Richard Murray, Bill Thrasher & Bob Ingle

Giving: if you have grown up in the church world, it is very likely you have been pressured into giving as a duty and obligation.  In fact, the Bible may have been used as a ‘club’ to threaten you to support or you are not a good Christian.  It is high time this topic is revisited and a better, more ‘hope-filled’ perspective is presented.  There are not enough voices sharing this lens, but we hope this two part discussion will greatly encourage you and free you to actually give in a more meaningful way.  Enjoy this part two of two.

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