“Saints, Not Sinners’ – Our Behaviour Does Not determine our identity Part 1 

Saints & Sinners, terms we usually hear when we speak of someone who has a track record of ‘good’ behaviour or ‘bad’ behaviour.  What if our behaviour does not determine our true identity?  What if we really are ‘already’ saints and when we believe it, we will act more like who we already are??  In this series we will unpack what it means to be a saint but also some history behind the term.  Enjoy!!

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SGIG E147  “How To Process Unlearning Difficult Theology Without Losing Your Faith” Pt 1 of 2

With Richard Murray and Bill Thrasher!  Enjoy this great conversation as we dig into ‘how to process’ some ‘deconstruction or unlearning’ topics without over running the base or losing your faith all together.  It can ‘feel’ scary when we hear others who seem to ‘throw out’ Jesus completely and yet deep down, it just doesn’t seem like that is the direction you are heading.  How can you ‘hear them out’ and not have to join them on the ‘off ramp’ they seem to have taken.  Perhaps this two part conversation will give you some ‘hope’.

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