E163  “Jesus Unchained ~ Deconstruct From Dead Religion Without Losing Your Faith”   – the story behind the FB group

Today’s discussion is with a group of ‘admins’ of a Private Facebook Group called ‘Jesus Unchained – Deconstruct From Dead Religion Without Losing Your Faith. 

This discussion is was recorded and posted to the group so that the members of the group could hear a little bit about ‘why’ this page was formed and ‘who’ is helping run the group.  This is an amazing group of people who care about providing a safe place for people to grow, to unlearn, to deconstruct, and to discover a more ‘hope filled’ perspective on topics they have not had permission to question before.  This is not an ‘answer’ group, but a group of authentic sojourners eager to encourage and help others grow and work through their questions and still not lose ‘Faith’.  Enjoy this discussion!!

If you want to join this group, please mention you heard this video on Still Growing In Grace, when you answer the required questions

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