“The Mother-heart Of God” Perspectives That Offer A More Beautiful View

The story leading us to Easter was great but, what follows is so much better.  As you keep reading and peeling back the layers of what happened, you can’t help but get more and more excited by what you hear. 

If you grew up in or around the Christian ‘religion’, you most likely always heard ‘God’ referred to as a male.  Jesus was referred to as a male, and the Holy Spirit… well, no really knew how to describe that part of the Trinity.  Today we visit a broader perspective on how we perceive God.  The ‘mother-heart’ of God may trigger some folks, but it is important to expand your understanding of what ‘The Scriptures’ even say.  Perhaps there is something more we can learn about our ‘concept’ of God that will lead us to love ‘others’ even better.

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