About Me

I’m a 46 year old guy who is married to a beautiful woman, Lori for 25 years (this October/2015).

I have three teenage kids, whom I each love dearly.

I’m the Sr. Pastor of Hope Fellowship, in Waterloo, Ontario. (located in the St. Jacob’s Outlet Mall).  www.hopefellowshipycc.com

I’m the National Director for Grace Walk Canada. (thanks to Dr. Steve McVey for letting me!!)  look up his books, you will be blown away. www.gracewalkcanada.org

I’m the Chaplain for the City of Kitchener Fire Department, awesome uniform, incredible fire fighter family!!

I’m a Funeral home Chaplain.  This has given me a tremendous opportunity to love and care for people at one of the worst times of their lives.  It is an honour.

I post all my ‘Grace Sermons’ online on  my YOU TUBE CHANNEL


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Mike,
    I have seen your name a long time and have jealously guarded a site
    on Facebook where Grace Communion International Pastors, friends and leadership can communicate
    without being attacked and be able to discuss inter-church sermons and encourage one another in the Gospel. Today, someone included a Mike Zenker sermon video that I found very encouraging. Its the one put up today, regarding fear and Pain.and being one who died of heart failure and revived, I can only say God bless you for the sermons you are passing on and hope are going to help our very elderly congregation. I pray your earthly Father will receive the words of God by His Spirit will continually be blessed that he does not fear that meeting.. When my heart stopped beating so stopped
    all the pain, the worry, the sorrow and cares of life. Afterward, God sent me back for a time for what ever His purpose for me. I hope to use your sermons in my tiny church group that they too will benefit. I am a friend of Joe Tkach, Steve McVey and Baxter Kruger and love the sermons I borrow from them all Love in

    Christ, Leona.


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