A Hope Filled Understanding Of “End Times”

end timesA Hope Filled Understanding Of “End Times”

What if all you were told was that the ‘world’ is going to end soon and that everything will just get worse until that happens.  What if there is a better and more ‘hopeful’ approach to the future of our world?  Would you be open to exploring ‘other options’?  What if there has been a ‘better option’ in place for at least 1800 years but ‘Western Religion’ has withheld good news?  Would you call any ‘new-to-you’ teaching as heresy, or would you be open to at least explore something that has been taught for a LONG LONG time?  Then enjoy today’s message taught with fear and trembling, may you at least hear that there is HOPE and not FEAR for the future.

You may have heard God loves you, but did you know He LIKES you too.  The message the ‘typical’ church sends to the world is that God is really ticked and his anger is building…well….that God doesn’t even EXIST!! And we wonder why people feel condemned by the message ‘the church’ seems to send.

Let’s share the GOOD NEWS for all people TO all people!  God loves EVERYBODY!  No one is excluded!  That is good news!! Now believe it!!  For more info, visit: