Moving From Shame to Dignity – First Advent


Moving From Shame to Dignity – First Advent

Shame has crippled too many people and hindered them from experiencing the profound love of God in their lives.  Today listen to a story of a man and woman who move from shame back to the place of dignity!  Your circumstances cannot and will not ever determine God’s love and value for you.  There is hope, your story is not finished yet!!  Your heavenly Father is working all things together for good…, watch, and see!

You may have heard God loves you, but did you know He LIKES you too.  The message the ‘typical’ church sends to the world is that God is really ticked and his anger is building…well….that God doesn’t even EXIST!! And we wonder why people feel condemned by the message ‘the church’ seems to send.

Let’s share the GOOD NEWS for all people TO all people!  God loves EVERYBODY!  No one is excluded!  That is good news!! Now believe it!!  For more info, visit: