I wcolouring book cover finalant to thank everyone that has already participated in the financial partnership of the MEXICO MISSIONS TRIP 2016!!  We are only $2800 away from having the entire trip covered, allowing us to bless the folks in Mexico in a significant way.

The beauty of this trip is not so much about blessing them, but about the impact it will have on those traveling to Mexico.  I fully trust that God is going to reveal the truth of his profound love to the places we will visit and that the message we bring will impact the people who hear it!  MERCY & LOVE RECEVED THROUGH FAITH will impact more people than we realize!!

For those who have not  yet considered financially supporting this venture, one that we plan on doing annually, would you please consider a one time donation towards this mission? 

We are looking for $50, $100, $250, $500 or $1000  (*all of which is income tax receipt able in Canada)

For any donation of $100 or morecollection, I would like to offer a very special “Adult Colouring Book” that was created by one of the participants going on the trip.  This is a small way we can say thank you AND you get to enjoy God given art gifts when you use it!  (*please see the cover of the colouring book below as well as just a few samples of what you will be getting.)



We are leaving Thursday March 10th and return Thursday March 17th.  Please refer to the previous email we sent you for more details on the trip or visit on facebook or

if a lot of people give a little bit, it will be covered so quickly!

During the trip, will try to update each day what has happened as best we can (based on WIFI availability), just visit  to follow our journey!!  You will be greatly encouraged!!

To donate, visit and click the donate button on the right (in the note section, just type in Mexico Missions Trip) or call 1-888-472-2350