2016 Mexico Mission’s Trip Summary

Our first ever Hope Fellowship/Grace Walk Canada Mission’s trip to Mexico was absolutely amazing.  Today we had the chance to share how each step of the trip was deep and impacting through pictures.  The team shared a little bit of their experiences and would have loved to share more!!  Enjoy!  (*can hardly wait for the NEXT Mission’s Trip)

You may have heard God loves you, but did you know He LIKES you too.  The message the ‘typical’ church sends to the world is that God is really ticked and his anger is building…well….that God doesn’t even EXIST!! And we wonder why people feel condemned by the message ‘the church’ seems to send.

Let’s share the GOOD NEWS for all people TO all people!  God loves EVERYBODY!  No one is excluded!  That is good news!! Now believe it!!  For more info, visit: