ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD Pt 6: Meeting the REAL Jesus transforms you

encounter with God 6ENCOUNTERS WITH GOD Pt 6: Meeting the REAL Jesus transforms you:

What do these encounters look like? What ‘should’ they look like? How does God view humanity? How did He react to key characters in the Bible, and how did they respond back to Him. How can we encounter a God we can trust? This message is about seeing the goodness in who God really is. Too many in our culture have a terrible picture of who they think God is and then they say they don’t believe in ‘that’ god. It is time to correct those poorly informed perspectives and show God for who He ‘really is’….LOVE. If we say we know God, then we need to look like Him, and God looks like …LOVE. Encountering God is supposed to be GOOD NEWS, not scary.

TODAY: We will be looking at three different individuals and observe how each of them responded when they literally meet Jesus.  Something in them causes to react to the gift of grace Jesus extends to each one of them.   The religious world they thought was accurate and that tradition has told them not to mess with, is suddenly thrown into chaos when they encounter the one who can actually give life.  Religion cannot do that.  Hopefully you can question the path of faith you have been put on and find out if it needs a course correction, or a completely new path.  Enjoy!!

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