Encounters With God: We Will Respond From Deep Within (pt 9 – Final)

encounter with God 9When We Encounter God: We Will Respond From Deep Within – Each Encounter Inspired An Immediate Change

Ok, maybe we had a bit too much fun today, and no, I didn’t have 5 espressos …. only one great cup of coffee this morning.  I just can’t help but SEE hope and even humour behind so many stories revealed to us in these sacred writings we have been given.  THIRTEEN encounters with the ‘real’ Jesus that inspired immediate change and authentic changes from deep within.  How have you responded…. How are you responding to the Jesus who lives in you?  I pray and hope we have not chosen to live from a bland historical picture of Jesus vs the living life indwelling us, speaking to us, wanting to shine out of us.  I hope today’s message inspires and encourages you!!

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